Dryer Repair

Is your dryer not heating, taking too long to dry, not tumbling, not starting?  Sometimes home owners are quick to replace a dryer instead of fixing it.  You may be surprised to find that your dryer many times can be fixed for the fraction of the cost of a new or used dryer.  Did you know that dryers have an average life span of 11 – 14 years if properly serviced?  It’s not uncommon for service techs to stumble upon 20 – 30 year old dryers.  To stretch the life span of your dryer, it is critical to perform preventative maintenance.

A part of preventative maintenance is having the inside of your dryer regularly cleaned.  To prevent dryer fires, manufacturers suggest having your dryer cleaned of lint and other fire causing debris at least once every year or two.  Reges Service & Repair can repair or inspect your dryer to be sure it is operating safely and efficiently.